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Regain what you've lost
Retain what you have

Reclaim your active life

Parkinson's Community Grant Foundation Winner 2022 and 2023

Recognized for innovative therapy and programming for people with Parkinson's

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We help you beat frailty, get strong & feel balanced to lead fun, fulfilling, active lives through our PT & OT or fun group exercise classes. 

No matter your age or disability, you can thrive with the right team providing therapy, exercise, and community.

Our accessible Wellness Center uniquely serves people who feel they have nowhere else to exercise safely and confidently.

We bridge the gap between
therapy and wellness.

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Our Services

senior wellness center exercise class

Wellness Center

For exercise & health maintenance

Group exercise classes, specialized one-to-one training, and nutritional counseling - all in a unique accessible gym.

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Individual Therapy

Expert-led PT & OT

Focus on your goals and improve your life with Physical or Occupational Therapy, your needs at your pace.

Senior Working Out at Home

In-Home & Virtual

Mobile options that bring our services to you

We offer in-home mobile therapy services, virtual wellness classes, in-home safety & modification assessments for your convenience. 

Who We Serve

Older Adults

Take control of your aging! We can help you maintain or regain your active, balanced, and confident lifestyle in a fun, supportive setting.

We specialize in helping people thrive as they age. We believe that exercise is the key to healthy aging. 

People with Parkinson's

People with Stroke, MS, Spinal Cord Injury, Chronic Disabilities

People with chronic issues battle them long after completing rehab.

We provide a safe and welcoming community where people of all abilities can enjoy classes and exercise.​​

Exercise is medicine for people with PD. Working out 4-7 times per week can combat PD!


Our Parkinson's experts apply proven research to devise challenging and fun exercise classes and therapy protocols that combat the progression of PD, including LSVT BIG! and PWR! Moves.

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I absolutely love Jessica! She pushes me past where I think is comfortable, but then I end up getting stronger and more confident.


Senior Businessman


My physical therapy sessions are filled with creative ways to get me to move and improve my balance. I never know what she's going to make me do! 

Happy Senior Woman


Jessica is by far the best PT I have had, and I have had many therapists over the years. I have P.D., shoulder problems, and lower back issues that all cause considerable pain. Jessica is compassionate, understanding, and very effective.

Contact us to start your wellness journey

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From individualized PT and OT services to invigorating group classes, we're here to help you thrive.

Our team brings experience, empathy, and energy to treat you as a person, not as a number.

Membership options for wellness classes and Medicare & insurance options for therapy services.

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